Questions and answers about the 72-hours-campaign

Questions and answers about the 72-hours-campaign

What is the 72-hours-campaign?

The 72-hours-campaign is the social campaign of the German National Association for Catholic Youth (BDKJ) and its members. For 72 hours there will be projects all over Germany and beyond in order to make this world a better place. Children, teenagers and young adults are going to work on concrete projects for an open-minded and solidary society. The different initiatives can be interreligious, political, ecological or international oriented. The most important thing is the common initiative together with or for other people.

When will it happen?

The 72-hours-campaign is going to take place from Thursday, May 23rd until Sunday May 26th. Beginning and end will be at 05:07 pm.

Who can be part of it?

Everyone, who wants to work on a solidary, open-minded and just society can take part in this campaign. Basic requirements for the participation are the will to commit your engagement for others and the approval of the values of solidarity and tolerance the BDKJ and its organizations stand for. Your group should be between the ages nine and 27. To find the ideal project you should consider the age and size of your group. Due to supervision in every group there has to be one person older than 18.

When and where can I register?

On our website registration is possible right now.

What variations of projects are there?

On registration you can choose between “Do-it” and “Get-it”. “Do-it” means that you basically already know what your project will be. You can fill in that idea upon registration on our website and give an explanation as detailed as possible. There will be ideas for possible projects on this website in a few weeks.

If you choose “Get-it” upon registration, you will get your exact project at the start of the 72-hours-initiative in 2019. You will have no clue on what your project is, until the 72-hours-initiative starts. The projects will be given to you by the KoKreise and local BDKJ´s. With both project variations you can choose the “Connect-It” option as well. You will be connected with another group to do the project together. You can search for a connecting group yourself or like in the “Get-It” projects the KoKreise or local BDKJ´s will support you. For international groups the “Do-it” projects are more common and easier to plan.

What is Connect-It?

The 72-hours-campaign is a big social project taking place all over Germany and beyond. Both variations, „Do-It“ and “Get-It”, can be done as “Connect-It” as well. That means you will be doing your project with another group. Those can be quite different groups in projects like youth social work, refugee dorms or other social projects. As an international group you can plan a project with a group in Germany. Just contact these groups and persuade them to be part of a cooperative project.

Where can I get promotional products?

You are interested in a balloon or an advertising poster??! It is possible to order different materials starting Mai 2018 in our 72-hours-initiative shop (in German).

Is there insurance during the projects?

Most of the groups have insurance directly in their dioceses or through their membership in an organization. The KoKreise or the local BDKJ can give you more information on that topic. Everyone else has the opportunity to contact the Jugendhaus Versicherungs GmbH and get insurance there. More information can be found here.

What exactly are KoKreise?

The 72-hour-initative takes place all over Germany. Therefore, the local BDKJ in the dioceses is the first contact for any group when it comes to organizing the projects. Some dioceses implemented so called coordination groups (KoKreise) for certain regions and areas within the dioceses. It is their task to support a certain number of groups and provide the necessary information. As soon as you are registered you will be allocated with a KoKreis. Usually they will contact you and tell you who is going to be your local contact. In some dioceses the local BDKJ will be doing this task. We will inform you about that on registration as well.

How can we finance our projects?

To get the material for your project you can contact local companies and businesses. If you ask nicely and present your project in a good way there are always people and company’s willing to donate. You can also contact Elisabeth Lüdeking for further information on fundraising for your international project.

Will there be a registration deadline?

The registration deadline is set by the regions itself. It is possible that some KoKreise take only a certain number of registrated groups. They will announce a separate registration deadline. Usually it should be possible for all groups to participate.

We would like to do media reporting. Is there any information?

We prepared some graphics about the 72-hour-initiative. You can find those here. Those can be used in your media and social-media reporting.

We have a project, but we are looking for a group.

You are an institution and would like to participate in a project with a group? Get in contact with your local BDKJ in your diocese. There is a list of all contacts on this website. It is important to keep in mind that the participating groups should not be exploited. We are trying to stand up for others together and not just search for cheap labor.


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